Why to have With VideoNotice Video Avatar on website?

With VideoNotice Video Avatar, you can:

Get more visitors to stay on your site longer, so you can engage with them longer!

Get More Visitors

Convey any message you want to any visitor, regardless of how they’re visiting your site – desktop or mobile!

Convey any message

Offer coupons, bonuses and other incentives to get visitors on your list or to make a purchase!

Offer Coupons, bonuses

Get more new subscribers added to your lists seamlessly and automatically

Leverage viral content on sites that you don’t even own to your advantage – use it to get more subscribers and/or traffic to your site!

Leverage viral content on sites and whole lot more!


The More Visitors You Can Get to Engage with Your Site, The More Revenue You’ll Generate per Visitor!

Easy to use Easy to deploy with Global accessibility

The intuitive interface will have you creating your avatars like an expert, with zero learning curve!

Ad a Simple code on website, to instantly add VideoNotice Video Avatar’s functionality. Our state-of-the-art app does the rest!

State of the art technology

More power flexibility and customizing options that VideoWox Video Avatar does – at reasonable price!

Targeting a specific country or language?

VideoNotice Video Avatar allows you to select your avatar to speak any of 24 languages cleanly and professionally speak to your audience in their own native language

Lower bounce rates

The more visitors you get to interact with your site rather than click away, the more leads you get. That means ultimately more customers, more sales and… More money!

Works on any device or browser

Whether you’re on a desktop PC, tablet or even a smartphone, you can create and manage your avatars quickly and easily – with no software installation needed.

And… your avatars will work perfectly on any device or browser!

VideoNotice Video Avatar Shifts Your Site’s

Marketing Power into Overdrive!

No Matter How You’re Trying to Build Your Business or Make More Money Online, VideoNotice Video Avatar Can Help!

VideoNotice Video Avatar has an existing library of ready-made scripts for most standard functions like getting subscribers, offering discounts/incentives and more!

Major web brands and Fortune 500 companies are paying top dollar to get this kind of technology running on their sites!

Never worry about your video going down or buffering due to high traffic, your videos are hosted on premium google server that we pay thousands each month to maintain

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